Shelter Project

A permanent home and shelter are one of the greatest gifts of life

“They Ask Thee What They Should Spend In Charity. Say: Whatever You Spend That Is Good, Is For Parents And Kindred And Orphans And Those In Want And For Wayfarers. And Whatever You Do That Is Good, Allah Knows It Well”

Quran : 2:215 .

Our Key figures

Since 2019 we have
Built over 5 houses
Helped more than 500 people
By 2025 our aim to build 50 houses

Shelter, like food and clothing is one of the very basic needs for human survival. Shelter is
more than a roof over head. Shelter provides people with security – a place of their own, an
identity, a place to come back to – a place to call home and a place have a family life. It
can not be reiterated more that shelter or housing is a fundamental human right and it is
vital to life – growth – development and dignity of individual citizen and hence of the
family, the society, the country.

Many people don’t have a proper shelter in Bangladesh, Each year people lose their life due to the extreme weather condition. They are continuously suffering from the heavy wave of storm and flooding. Houses made of soil and they are not sufficient to keep out the rain and cold weather. Without a solid shelter no family could lay their head in peace through the night thinking the worse.

Full House


Donation for making a full house for homeless people.

Half House


Donation for half part of a full house.

Part House


Donate and to be a part of a full house.

Our Some Activities

By Alhikmah Foundation, we are trying to help poor people as much we can at their bad times.