As one of the pillars of Islam, zakat is a form of obligatory charity that has the potential to ease the suffering of millions.

pillars of Islam

“And establish prayer and give Zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.” (2:110, Qur’an) 

What is Zakat?

Zakat is the annual payment made by Muslims to support those most in need. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is a key part of the Islamic faith. By donating a percentage of your wealth in order to help those less fortunate than yourself, you can please Allah (SWT) while supporting your brothers and sisters across the world. 

Who is Eligible for Zakat?

who is eligible to pay Zakat and who is eligible to receive Zakat.

As defined by the Zakat rules, those eligible to pay must be:

Those eligible to receive assistance from Zakat payments include:

The poor who have no or low income


The needy who do not have a day’s food


Those employed to distribute Zakat


Anyone in slavery or captivity


Anyone in unmanageable debt


Anyone who fights for Allah (SWT)

Ibnus Sabil

To assist stranded or struggling travellers


Those new to the Muslim faith or friends of the Muslim community

How Much Zakat Do I Need to Pay?

Zakat is calculated on the following:

What Needs to Be Included in My Zakat Calculation?

Your assets are considered a total sum of the following: